Thursday, January 27

Snow cancels school!

Ah, winter. I started the "spring" semester this week and snow closed the college today! This semester I'm taking physical science, history of the foundation of education (something like that) and educational psychology. There was a fourth but there's so much work required that I decided to drop it. I don't need that class to graduate but I do need these three. I feel a little scared of how much is required but I'm giving it my best shot. I have several papers to write, group projects to do, individual presentations and have to go into the field to attend a school board meeting and volunteer in a school setting. Whew!

This winter we've had a snow storm every week and I'm so tired of it already. I want spring. TB and I need to move someplace with a warmer climate, a place where snow is a rare occurrence. Say ... North Carolina. I know they do get snow too but it's more of a once in a blue moon occurrence. So this is what we woke to this morning:

Everyone piled out the door to shovel ... except for me!

Oh...and Mouse didn't go out either. He sez: Dis da way I spend a snowwy day!

With the threat of another snowstorm coming next week, TB and I decided to get an electric snowblower, the kind we could afford. He found one at Lowe's in stock and bought it and we all started to pile into the car to go get it. First I took pictures of our street.

Pretty yes! Aggravating and frustrating yes!

Off we went to Lowe's but it was a wasted trip. The store tried to call us back after the order was placed but TB had accidentally put down the wrong phone number. There was no working electric snow blower for us and so we had to turn around and come back home. Everyone piled out and had to finish digging out the driveway with shovels.

I guess that's what we'll do next week too.

Come on, spring!

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Gattina said...

We had a lot of snow (for Belgium) at Christmas and the first week of January. Now there is a break and it's rainy and grey, that's even worse ! I don't even know how the sun looks like anymore ! I am so fed up with this winter !

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