Tuesday, May 24

Cats on Tuesday: We're baa-aack...finally!

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Hello, effurybody! The gang is finally back now that Mom Bean has grad-you-ate-it and can type fur us again! We haff all been very busy while Mom Bean has been sitting around reading fat textbooks and typing term papers. I haff been spending most of my time fending off the others. They don't get that I yam a loner and I hafta keep reminding them! I yam hoping this stuffed kitty will give them the hint that I don't need any company!

That's okay, Indigo, I yam happy here by myself in the clothes hamper. I haff been very busy too ... eating and sleeping. That's pretty much what alla us been doing ... eating, sleeping and grooming. Yep, we been pretty busy. Mom Bean didn't want to 'sturb everyone else who are sleepin so their pictures will turn up over the next few weeks.

It's good to be back!

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Gattina said...

Welcome back ! that was a long time ! You are all fine apparently !

Barbara said...

What lovely kitties - and that clothes hamper looks just the kind of thing my cats would love!

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