Saturday, January 8

Snowy Saturday

I remember the weather forecasters last fall said something to the effect that we would have a *cold* winter but not a snowy one. Huh? In two weeks we've had three events and another one predicted for next week. Granted, the amounts have been nothing like they were last year. That first storm (on December 26) dumped two feet on us. Yesterday's snow brought a couple of inches and today we're expecting another 4-6. I hope that's all because clearing the snow has become a big issue for us!

This morning TB and I took Buddy for a walk as the snow was getting underway. It sure is pretty when it's falling. We went back to where the woods are but didn't go in. We'd have to cross a log bridge to get anyway and that would have been a little risky for us because I'm sure the log would be slippery.

I took this picture of Cubby and Indigo in our bedroom window this morning before we left for our walk. I had the flash on but the picture came out really dark.

It was especially good for me to go on a walk because I've been struggling with depression again. I look at some of the things I need to do and feel overwhelmed. I think about writing something but then can't seem to find my focus. I think stress and worry are getting to me. When I don't get things done, I get mad at myself--the old all or nothing type of thinking I still struggle with. I think I need to exercise and find things to do that will distract me. The internet doesn't hold my attention anymore so it'll have to be something else. Meantime, I'll look for free things for TB and me to do to help keep me busy.

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The Chair Speaks said...

In life when we are down, the only path available is up. So cheer up, my friend; spring is on its way!

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