Tuesday, June 7

Cats on Tuesday: What to do on a summer morning

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We're about to enter our second heat wave of the summer...except, technically, it's still spring. We don't have summer until the solstice later this month. Anyway, I know how I want to beat the heat and I went around the house with my camera to see how the gang was going to deal with the day.

Amber sez, Iyam going to watch da boidies. This is the best spot to watch dem fly and hop by!

Indigo sez, Iyam watching da boidies too but this is acktually more comfortable than the floor!

Munchkin: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...dis is da way to spend a hot morning!

Mouse: Zzzzzzzzzzzz
Kosmo: No, dis way is better, a nice comfy cat tree! And there is nip all over, too!

Cubby: I fink dis is best. Iyam right in da window and can catch any breeze and I have an up-close view of all da boidies!

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Gattina said...

Best thing to do when it's hot, sleep !
we had very hot weather too, now since 2 days it rains and it cooled down, for once everybody was happy about the rain, it hadn't rained for weeks here. Arthur likes to take a shower in the rain and came back wet like a sponge (unfortunately in Mr. G. bed, lol)

Photo Cache said...

you all had great ideas. we all like how you spend the hot day.

Emma and Buster

Barbara said...

Seems like a great way to spend a hot day! Lovely cats by the way :O)

Au and Target said...

Hey we thought you'd quite blogging! Great weight loss news. Concats!

The Chair Speaks said...

Ahhh, they each have their own style of handling the hot weather.

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