Tuesday, July 12

Cats on Tuesday: Plans for the hottest (so far) day in July

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So today is supposed to be the hottest, most humid day of the summer (so far). With the heat index, it could feel like 105. My plans are to stay inside as much as possible, in the air conditioning, and not move around very much. This morning, I saw that the gang was already getting busy with their plans for the day.

Munchkin decided to make use of my younger daughter's laptop and check out Facebook. She's addicted to Farmville and loves to collect the animals!

Mouse sez to Kosmo, You needs a baff!
Kosmo: No, I don't!
Kosmo: Yes, you do and I'm gonna help give you one whether you want it or not!

Mouse: Aw, fugged aboud it! It's too hot for a baff anyway!

Amber: I'll just chill out here and look boo-tee-ful.

Cubby: Dis looks like a good book. I fink I'll sit on Mom's lap while she reads it to me.

Indigo says, well, I fink I got the bestest idea yet!

I'm going to relax on this nice soft comforter right under the air conditioner. I'm the coolest!

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Cezar and Léia said...

Funny post dear friends,
I see you all know very well how to enjoy the day!Sometimes I do the same here , I mean about use the notebook of my sister! :)

Lovely pictures!
I hope the weather can be more nice today for you!or it's time for ICE CREAM!
Luna - WE love Luna

Gattina said...

and for a little fight it's not too hot apparently, lol !

Barbara said...

I definitely think that under the air conditioner sounds like the best spot! Our cats won't wash each other, Pepper keeps trying to get Mrs P or Posky to wash her ears but they never do. She wouldn't ask Charlie - he'd just chew her ears off!

Kjelle Bus said...

Seems like you all cat´s have been busy one way or the ither today :)

Photo Cache said...

all great ideas kitties. just stay cool, you hear?

emma and buster

Kwee Cats said...

You guys are all dis great! But we kinda like Indigo's spot the best. Munchkin and our Pungy sure do look a lot alike! You guys stay cool! :-)

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