Friday, October 28


There have been a lot of commercials on TV directed at Medicare recipients. Our open enrollment is going on right now. This is the first time ever I can remember commercials from insurance companies as well as Medicare itself inviting people to call and get assistance figuring out which program is best for them. The insurance companies, of course, are pitching themselves. One that intrigued me is a company called Highmark, which claimed to have vision and dental coverage.

I looked all over for information about Highmark and looked through the Medicare book we were sent. There's nothing about Highmark so I called Medicare. The first thing I wanted to know was how they could claim to have vision and dental when my company claimed no one could offer it. Well, it turns out there are categories of insurance. It's all very confusing and you really do need someone helping you figure it all out.

I told the lady we needed dental and vision and she found two companies in our area that can give us that coverage. Highmark, unfortunately, is not in our area. Anyway, she is sending out all the information so we can decide whether we want to switch or not. It's going to depend on the premium, co-pays, and what doctors participate with the plans. I'm so hoping that one of these plans will fit our needs!

A very nice thing happened just now. TB was interested in participating in a craft show at his mother's senior development complex. He wanted to bring his projects over and get exposure and possibly some orders. Well, unfortunately, this was when his tooth needed to be taken care of and we just did not have the $25 fee for a table. The lady running the event just called because someone else had to bow out and instead of getting a refund, just said to keep the fee. The lady thought of TB and called to ask if he'd be interested in that table. Boy howdy! Now he is going to get busy making holiday items. The craft show is Nov. 12.

From checking around, I found out the college Kristin goes to has a health services office that treats all kinds of issues. There's a nurse practitioner there that can prescribe medications for illnesses and other issues. That would be a big help for Kristin, whose college health insurance policy covers up to $5,000. That can go real quick in some cases.

As for other forms of assistance, we don't qualify because our income is just over the limit. The programs (like heat assistance) are there for the very needy and it's a good thing they are. It's tough for us because we sure could use the help but don't qualify. So we try to find programs and places like Angel Food Ministries (which is now closed) or food pantries. There is such a demand and need for food pantries!

I have a feeling we'll have to turn the heat on this weekend. It's supposed to snow on Saturday! Snow before Halloween!

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