Thursday, November 10

Thirteen must haves in my kitchen!

Thursday 13

These are in addition to the usual essentials: flour, sugar, salt, pepper, corn starch and ;) coffee.

1. Garlic: fresh, chopped, diced, and powder. I put a lot of it in everything from eggs to roasts to gravies and what have you.

2. Onions: I use fresh onions the way I use garlic. If I don't have an onion, which is a true emergency situation, I use powder. Onions go great in everything!

3. Soy sauce

4. Honey

5. Vinegar

6. Ginger

I make a lot of sweet & sour or Polynesian type sauces and marinade and that's what the above three ingredients are for. Usually I have to plan and get pineapples when I'm going to make the Polynesian sauces.

7. Worcestershire sauce: meatloaf and hamburgers!

8. Paprika

9. Sour Cream: goes great in different sauces or gravies I make

10. Emeril's: BAM!

11. Cinnamon: one of TB's favorites. I like to put it in mashed yams or on my cottage cheese

12. Bay leaves: must have for soups and stews

13. Italian seasoning: I like that they're all rolled into one. I enjoy all equally and use this one a lot too.

I wonder what everyone else would choose?

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