Sunday, November 13

TB's first craft show

We participated in TB's very first craft show yesterday and I thought it went very well. He was excited about it for days, alternating between a positive high and anxious worrying. The event was at his mother's retirement village and it's been a pretty big deal locally for years. When we first found out about it, we were eager to participate but didn't have the money for the table. A few weeks later, the lady who organizes the event called and said someone donated money for a table and she asked if we'd like to take it. Did we!

We went on Friday to set up for Saturday morning. There were fifty crafts people with tables.

TB makes adjustments to the stand he built to display his plaques.

TB had thought he'd be able to display everything he had but found out that the tables don't hold as much as you'd think! One solution is to get two tables. One of the other crafts persons, though, suggested an even better idea: layering with boxes. All we'd have to do is cover up the boxes with linen so people wouldn't see them.

People were so friendly and helpful! Our table was on a corner, which I thought was an ideal location. While we were setting up, another crafts person suggested we take the plaque stands and face them two ways so that customers could see some of the plaques from two different directions!

TB's mother helped out for a while in the morning. That's when most of the people came through. TB got a lot of compliments.

How did we do? I thought we did great for a first show. We learned a lot. People admire things but won't buy unless the price is right in this economy. The other crafts people told us that they never make back in labor what it cost them to create their items. They make pennies an hour when you figure it all out. We also need to know the community we're going to be in. For instance, lap top and ipod holders didn't appeal to the seniors. Bookmarks went like hotcakes mostly because they'd make good stocking stuffers. He got one order for a remote carrier and several people took his business cards.

With the money he made selling his items, TB plans to set up a business type account. The money can be used for materials he needs or to pay for tables at craft shows. This is the way to get a business off the ground and hopefully make a modest living!

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