Monday, January 16

Catching Up

I "slept in" this morning to 7 a.m. because I didn't have to get up earlier and drive anywhere! There are no doctor appointments nor anyone needing to get to work. I almost don't know what to do with myself! I'd started out listing five small things that are blessings to me on a daily basis but unfortunately that's gone by the way side. Many days I didn't get a chance to get on the computer. So instead of daily, it'll be whenever I have the time to actually post something.

We got a big blessing recently. TB's mom decided she didn't want to drive anymore and gave us her car. We went down with her to DMV to transfer the title over. Now we just need to save up enough money to register and insure the car. This has been an expensive month and we don't have any extra cash.

We had Little T over on Saturday. It was too cold to go to a park or playground so TB had a couple of projects to work on in the shop. T was thrilled! Under supervision, he got to use several of the big machines and I could tell he was happy about that.

Here TB and T are using the scroll saw to cut out a picture of Sponge Bob. T is a big Sponge Bob fan!

Next, they painted the cut out. T can play with it like a wooden paper doll when the paint dries completely.

TB pre-cut the pieces of wood to build a bird house. The pieces then had to be fitted together. That's where T came in--he did a lot of the hammering. It wasn't easy but he stuck with it.

Tomas proudly showed off the bird house once he and TB painted it red. This week, it needs to dry completely so that next week T can paint purple stripes on it. Yes, purple. Purple and red are his favorite colors!

It's been a pretty mild winter so far but recently we've had some very cold days. For my birthday, Heidi got me an adorable hat with polar bear ears. I love wearing it but it especially was a blessing on these super cold days! I thought to change my avi picture on Facebook for the winter.

Here are the small little things that brighten my day everyday:

1. coffee on a timer--it's wonderful to wake up and have the coffee brewed and ready for us!

2. the local news--we watch WKYS here in the Philly area and the morning news team works so well together. They make us laugh sometimes. I really miss them on the weekends when they're not on when I'm up and I have to wake up some other way.

3. Judge Judy--so wise, so funny, and so very tough!

4. dinner when everyone is home--so rare and so enjoyable

5. reading with TB--companionable time spent together in a hobby we both love!

6. days like this when I don't have to start the day early in the morning, driving around

7. listening to the classical music Bill burned for me from the internet

8. naps--to re-energize

9. watching movies at night with the kids when they don't have to work. Last night, TB, Kristin and I watched Kung Fu Panda 2.

10. watching the cats play with the little mice Kristin got for them. It's so much fun to watch them (Amber and Mouse especially) somersault across the floor, chase and bat at the mice and carry them off in their mouths.

I'm sure there's other daily blessings that brighten my day but I can't think anymore.

I think I'm going to get my book, settle down and read to a CD of Mozart.

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