Tuesday, January 10

Cats on Tuesday: A Winter's Day

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A cold winter's day ...

Awright, I know I look silly but it's cooooooolllld outside and I don't have a nap buddy like Cubby and Mouse do!

I don't neither, wanna share that nice warm scarf wif me?


Hey! What's dat noise?

Just Kosmo...not sharing!

Don't worry, we'll share...if you can find room!

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Gattina said...

How sweet the two together on the armchair ! My cats only sleep side by side but not so close.
The scarf certainly is useful when it's cold !

Dianne said...

wonderful cuddling
my guys won't do that, they're too busy being suspicious of each other :)

Kjelle Bus said...

I jult love your black and red scarf , it lookes really cosy !

Carla said...

Love how cats snuggle:)

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