Tuesday, January 31

Cats on Tuesday: Amber has culture

Amber sez, dis is how I lik to spend my Sundays gettin "culture". Da beans spend dere time lookin at these paper things.

I prefer to absorb my knowledge dis way.

I don't think it matters which way it happens, do you?

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Today's small blessings so far:

1. Heidi's bus was on time today so we didn't have to wait long. Yesterday, the bus hadn't shown up by 7:30 so we ended up driving her to work. Luckily there were some things we needed from the store.

2. It's supposed to get up to around 60 today. I'm thankful for the mild winter we've been experiencing!

3. Heidi gets back to town around the same time Kristin gets dropped off today so I'm grateful I'm not going back and forth.

4. Munchkin's ears have been looking better although I'm not sure the ear mite infection is totally cleared up.

5. I'm so glad I collected so many CDs over the years. Now I have plenty of music to listen to when I'm sick of the radio station's play list.


Sharon Wagner said...

Mite free ears are definitely the start of a good day.

Gattina said...

That's a great idea ! Instead of reading my book and getting cramps in my hands, I will sleep on it ! That's really far easier !

Marie said...

Aww, Amber, you are so pretty! And you are clearly a very intelligent kitty who knows just how to become more intelligent :-)

Our kitties like to sit on newspapers, books and computers to absorb their knowledge -- and I'm sure they are the smartest kitties around :-)

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Felisol said...

So Amber gets her culture via osmoses?
She sure looks bright and full of secret knowledge, maybe she has seen most things before? Not much news under the sun.

I like the way you're counting blessings. God is in every little detail, and we sure should be more grateful.

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