Monday, January 30

Making a toolbox with Tomas

On Saturday, our little guy came over with his father for a few hours of fun. We had them come over earlier than usual because we wanted to start out by taking T to the flea market. The project this week was to make a tool box and we thought to pick up some tools for T. He seemed really into it.

I was surprised at how few people were at the flea market. TB said most people show up on Thursday or Sunday. Hm. I would have thought Saturday would be a big day too, but that's all right. We didn't have to fight any crowds. There weren't a lot of people selling tools but TB managed to find a good collection to start T off and it cost us only $12.

We went back home, had lunch, and then headed to TB's workshop. T wanted to paint stripes on his birdhouse so that was the first thing to do.

Next, T peeled off all the blue paper to reveal the stripes!

TB and T are using a drill press to make holes in the pieces for the toolbox. The holes will make it easier for T to hammer nails in.

T hasn't entirely gotten the hang of hammering but he's catching on fast. It just takes practice!

Once the toolbox was together, it was time for T to paint his name on it. His favorite color is red and so that is what he chose.

T decided he wanted to paint the whole tool box red and so TB is showing him how best to hold the brush. It's all painted and dry by now so when he comes over next weekend, he'll just need to paint his name again in a different color. I'm hoping it's a nice day so we can then go to the park or playground!

Tomas is such a joy for TB and me. The unconditional love strengthens us when we feel low and his energy inspires us to set aside our aches and pains. Grandchildren are very good for health and well being!

Small blessings:

1. What I just wrote above -- the energy bursts I get from being around our Little T. The rest of being with him, well, those are big blessings.

2. I think Kristin's financial aid is finally coming through. Long story.

3. Alcatraz looks like it's going to be a good series. I need something to follow as avidly as I followed Lost.

4. Jorge Garcia is in the series! He was my favorite actor from Lost.

5. Kristin gets dropped off for work and Heidi gets picked up from the bus stop at about the same time. The good thing about that is that the bus stop is just yards from the store where Kristin works. The other good thing is that I don't have to go back and forth today. That happens sometimes...but not today!

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