Tuesday, January 24

Cats on Tuesday: Hibernation Mode

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I haven't had much luck getting pictures of the gang doing anything but sleeping. They do play but by the time I get my camera, they've moved on to other things. It's not just the cold weather that makes them sleepy. Today is a nice, mild day.





Cubby sez, uh oh, Mommy Bean's at it again wid da fwashy ting!

Kosmo sez, don' worry 'boud it. Just kwose your eyes and go back to s'eep and she'll go 'way!

Better luck next time!

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Today's small blessings:

1. The vet's going to let us buy ear mite medicine for Munchkin without making an appointment for her. So we just have to pay for the medicine.

2. My daughter has to work on her birthday today but at least she's got a day shift and can have a hot meal with us at dinner. :)

3. My other daughter has the day off. I like it when all or most of the family can be together on birthdays and holidays.

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Gattina said...

I think it's the same view in all cat households ! Sleeping cats, lol !

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