Monday, January 23

Man Cat Monday: Cubby's Nest

Cubby's got a couple of nesting spots throughout the house. There are two in our bedroom closet, at least one in TB's shop, another one under TB's desk and then there's this one.

Cubby sez, with Mommy Bean and her flashy ting I can't always get all the privacy I want.

Pwease go away now and lemme nap in peace!

Some recent small blessings I'm grateful for:

1. We didn't get a lot of snow, just a couple of inches, over the weekend. We can have a snow drought this year--I don't mind!

2. The weather's supposed to be in the 50s and 40s this week. I like that--a week of consistency!

3. It's been fun watching DVDs with the kids over the last couple of weeks. The library is a wonderful resource for movies and Walmart has some for $5.

4. I haven't heard anything back about the CAT scan I had for the possible adenoma on my left kidney and the chest scan. It's been over a week. No news is good news?

5. Today, I don't have to do any driving until 5. That's a nice break from yesterday, when there was a lot of driving.

6. I use this as a small blessing a lot but it really means a lot to me in the mornings: our coffee maker with a timer. Some mornings we have to be up at 4 a.m. and it's a blessing to have nice, hot coffee waiting for us!

7. Kristin organized my recipes for me. I re-discovered recipes I tried once on the family and they really liked it but it got "lost" amongst all the others.

8. This morning I took a shower and the bathroom was nice and warm thanks to our space heater.

9. Munchkin has ear mites again but we still have medicine to treat her.

10. Walmart has a store brand for different products. One is lemonade. I like to make a pitcher and then mix it with my lemon tea protein. It tastes so good to me and definitely makes drinking the protein mix easier!

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