Wednesday, January 4

GiST #4

Today hasn't been such a great day. We learned that Kristin's health insurance through the college is truly a junk policy! It doesn't pay for first doctor visits at all, $60 for the second, $40 for the 3rd and on up to $750. A regular physician's visit is $130 and never mind the specialists, which she needs. Now we're scrambling to make sure she can keep getting the meds that keep her stabilized. It's hard to feel positive today but I'll try.

Grace in Small Things #4

1. The polar bear hat Heidi gave me does a great job keeping my ears warm
2. TB warmed up the car for me earlier this morning when I was going to take Heidi to the bus stop
3. The bus was pretty much on time so we didn't have to sit around waiting
4. I'm listening to The Messiah right now and it's beautiful
5. I'm almost done with my book and have the sequel up on deck

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