Friday, January 6

Watching the news is hazardous/GiST 5 & 6

I don't like to watch the national news because so often it gives me agita. Watching the local news can be fun, entertaining or heartwarming ... or, lately, it can give me agita too. In the past few days, I've watched badly behaving Flyers' fans beating up on NY Ranger fans. A couple of teenagers took videos of themselves vandalizing cars and then uploaded them to U-tube (or someplace like it).

This morning a pair of thugs were caught on video beating their victim and then robbing him at a train station in full view of everyone. In fact, you can see people standing in the background watching. Watching. Not calling 911. Just standing there, watching. What is wrong with people? I can understand not becoming physically involved in rescuing the guy but why didn't anyone call 911? And a reporter interviewed someone later who said that at a busy stop like that, there should be more cops. Really? Did he call for help? I bet he didn't!

None of these stories inspire me to visit Philadelphia anytime soon, that's for sure! I may have to give up on the local news, too, because lately there hasn't been enough feel-good stories to counteract the horror of what some people have turned into.

I didn't get a chance to post my Grace in Small Things yesterday so here goes:

Grace in Small Things #5

1. Our Little T called us and it never fails to thrill us when he does. We're seeing him for a few hours tomorrow and will probably spend part of it walking in the park.

2. T's father tells us that T has wanted to play checkers every night since they brought it home. That really warmed TB's heart. T didn't seem too interested in it at first but I had a feeling he would really get into it.

3. What a day for driving yesterday! TB enjoys cooking, though, and he made dinner while I was away at the doctor with Kristin. It was totally delicious!

4. Kristin actually saw the nurse practitioner and she has no problem at all with helping to manage Kristin's prescriptions. She wants Kristin to get blood work but also had some good information about a program through a lab for people who have little or no insurance. Yay!

5. Watched a movie with TB, Bill and Kristin called Apollo 18. It was okay but what was nicer was spending time with everyone. The really nice thing was that it wasn't a long movie so I could get to bed early because I needed to be up so early this morning.

Grace in Small Things 6

1. Today is my sweet TB's birthday. He is my best friend and the most wonderfullest husband ever! I wish him a day filled with joy and -- I pray -- the pain meds kick in and work for him very well today!

2. Bill is giving me a big break from driving by picking up Heidi from work. He's also picking up things I need for dinner. He says it's no big deal and it's all on his way anyway but I still gave him a big hug. I really appreciate it!

3. Today I'm starting to take the Christmas decorations down. As I do, I look at each thing and remember something special about this past Christmas season.

4. Heidi's early morning bus was on time. It's nice not to have to wait a long time!

5. I finished The Pillars of the Earth and am about to start the sequel, World Without End. Pillars was an absolutely awesome book!

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