Monday, January 2

Man Cat Monday & GiST #2

Kosmo and Cubby are frequent cuddle buddies. Usually I find them snuggled together on the bed but this time here they are on TB's chair. They were worn out from celebrating all New Year's weekend!

Grace in Small Things #2

1. Kosmo and Cubby are such good sports about having their pictures taken! When the "flashy thing" appears, many in the gang disappear or move from the cute positions they were in. Not these boys!

2. There was no frost on the car this morning. It was really blustery so I appreciated not having to stand there scraping the windows!

3. Heidi's bus was not only on time, it was early! Even better, it was parked alongside the stop so that people who would normally catch the bus wouldn't miss it!

4. I'm listening to The Trans Siberian Orchestra. I just love the way they sound--orchestra and rock instruments and Christmas music. You wouldn't think it would work but it does very well. No wonder they are so popular!

5. Morning naps are very restful. I've been getting up at 4 or 5 to get Heidi to the bus stop and find I need to conk out later in the morning. I feel more rested from a morning nap than I do from an afternoon one. I'm not sure why but am glad for it!

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