Sunday, February 12

Supermarkets and workman's compensation

Is it just supermarkets or are there other companies that make you go to their doctors when you get injured? I've been injured on the job before (in the 1980s) and I got to go to my own doctors and emergency room--places convenient to me. I didn't work for a supermarket though. Now both of my daughters have been injured on the job in two different supermarkets. They were both told they had to go to specific places to be treated and that if they didn't, they'd have to pay the bill.


Is that because of some special deal worked out between the supermarket and the medical facility? I think so...and how do I know my daughters would get the appropriate care? The facility would tend to favor the employer, no?

What happened this most recent time was this: Heidi was preparing some food and cut her pinkie badly. People felt she needed to go to the required facility in Cherry Hill, a good 20 minutes away at least. The thing is, no one especially wanted to take her (except for one person) and she had no way of getting herself there. She shouldn't have driven herself in any case anyway because of shock. So Heidi would have had to wait 45 minutes for me to come out there and then drive her to this place. The bleeding stopped so Heidi decided the hell with it, she'd just come home on the bus.

When I picked her up, she told me what happened and asked if I would help her wash the wound and re-bandage it. We stopped at the store and picked up gauze and tape. When we got home, Heidi took off the dressing and the bleeding started again. There was a lot of it and when TB got a look, he said she'd need stitches. So our choice was ... drive to this place in Cherry Hill, an hour away, or go to the ER five minutes away. Duh. No brainer.

It took six stitches to close that cut, including one in the nail. The ER doc gave Heidi a note so she could be out of work two days. Yesterday we went to the store where Heidi works so she and the manager could fill out an accident report. It should have been done the night before but for some reason the manager just told her to come back. That pissed me off.

Now she has to go to this place to have her finger looked at ... after she works her shift. And she has to go back to have the stitches removed. Meanwhile, our doctor is a lot closer. Who cares how much it inconveniences us and how much gas it costs us?

Maybe I'm crazy but it seems to me that if the employee has to provide his or her own transportation after an injury, then that employee shouldn't be forced to go somewhere miles away. And when an employee is injured, transportation to and from a facility should be provided. And the manager should be required to sit down and fill out an accident report then and there, not tell the employee "come back tomorrow".

I am spectacularly unimpressed with the way supermarkets exploit their employees!

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