Thursday, April 3

Thursday Thirteen #14

My Thursday Thirteen has something to do with what happened yesterday.

Thirteen Signs A Person In Your House May Have A Personality Disorder*

1. There's no empathy to anyone else's feelings
2. There is manipulation of other family members and friends to get what they want
3. There is a definite sense of "the end justifies the means", including fraud, lying, and misappropriation of funds
4. There's a belief that the fault lies with everyone else
5. There's excessive anger or shame when criticized
6. There is chronic irresponsibility, lying, and disregard for the the law or the rights of other people
7. There's a lack of remorse for hurting others, even family members
8. There's difficult controlling impulsive behavior--like spending money
9. There's an inability to form stable relationships with other people
10. social isolation that may be self imposed
11. dependence on others to support you
12. A lack of concern for the safety of others
13. a sense that this person is the center of the universe

* I say may have because I'm not a psychiatrist and because there's not much chance this person will get to one considering "there's nothing wrong with me, it's all of you."

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Next week I could do a list of thirteen that involves how the above behaviors affect other family members. I wish I could do a list that would be about "cures" or coping because there is no cure and eventually the coping well runs dry.

This particular person has got to go. And the thing that breaks my heart is that it would involve my grandchild.


Midas said...

I knew it! My SIL have these.

Check out my T13 here.

If you're into books, check out this site.

Gattina said...

Fortunately nothing fits on my family members except perhaps a cat ??

Homemom3 said...

hmmm sounds familiar. Happy TTing. Mine's on 13 ways to predict baby sex.

Lori said...

Family stuff is always tough. We've had some extended family stuff going on lately and it does take it's toll. Even more if it's in your house though.

Extending sympathy and cyber hugs anyway! {{}}

Firefly mom said...

Wow, that describes about half of my mom's family. Great TT!

maggie said...

Yep, none of those are good news. Scary.

Laura said...

Unfortunately, we had long, painful exposure to someone who fit almost every one of those points. Not having to deal with that is a HUGE relief.

sarah in disturbia said...

I'm so sorry you are dealing with this person! That is not easy. Hopefully this forum is helpful. You are not alone!!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

I hope that the situation troubling you will be resolved quickly and easily. Thanks for sharing a great list. I do know someone that would fit it, but thankfully we are not related!

arlene said...

thanks for your TT. keeps me on my feet. i don't want to be tagged as having a personality disorder =)

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