Thursday, April 3

Thursday Challenge: Cubby

Photo Challenge

This week's photo theme is pets and I wanted to show how Cubby's becoming more and more a part of our extended feline family!

We adopted Cubby and his near and dear buddy Sox from a no-kill shelter called Animal Sanctuary. They're located in one of our Petsmarts. Cubby and Sox's mom bean died after a long battle with cancer and no one else in the family was in a position to take them in. The friends and family really cared about the boys and wanted them kept together. When TB and I met them we just totally fell in love and brought them home with us.

When we first got him, Cubby was afraid of all of us, humans and cats alike. He stuck to his bonded buddy, Sox, and would come out to play and eat at night but spent his days under our bed. After a few days, he'd come out and eye us warily. If we so much as met his eye, though, he'd scoot right back under the bed. A few days after that, he'd come and sniff our fingers, then he'd let us give him a stroke or two, and then let us pet him.

Now, he jumps up on the bed and snuggles with TB or me. He's ventured out all over the house and is allowing other members of the family to pet him. He gets along great with all the cats and especially loves to chase Kosmo, the biggest in the house. That's pretty funny, littly bitty Cubby chasing giant Kosmo around!


Tybalt said...

Way to go Cubby! I'm glad you finally decided it was safe to give everyone else in the house a chance.

Gattina said...

That's so nice and I find it wonderful that they found such a good home with you! If you have time and you really want to laugh, I found a very cute cartoon it's soo typical cat ! It's called "let me in !" at My Cats and funny Stories

Daisy said...

I am very glad that Cubby is becoming more comfortable around his family. He sure is cute!

DEBRA said...

You keep on coming out of your shell. You have a wonderful new forever home and your other Mom (who passed away)would be happy to know you are doing so well.


Teena said...

What a nice story!

We adopted our two boys from the Toronto Cat Rescure in December 2002. They were 3 months old and foster brothers.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what marvelous news about Cubby! I'm glad he's feeling more and more comfortable, secure, and snuggly. *smile*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for a new home. We're very glad he's settling in nicely.

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