Monday, March 9

What happened!?

This is both an update and an angry question.

Kennan called to tell us that Little T came home from his weekend visitation with a raised red hand print across his chest. Kennan saw it when he went to give the little guy a shower and took pictures. There's a really lame story from Linda about what happened and I am just furious and disgusted. I think I can guess what happened and it's not pretty!

Also, Heidi took the contract TB and I made up for her to Marianne's to read it over and think about what she wanted to do. She called me the next day and said she'd decided to move in with Marianne because there were just too many rules. She and Marianne came over in the afternoon and packed up a lot of her stuff.

Since they needed to borrow the van to move some of the furniture I decided to drive (with Bill along to help) so I could "meet the parents" and see where Heidi would be living.

Marianne's mother is very nice, born in Germany and moved here at some point. She said that she runs a 100% German household and that she and her husband read the contract and thought it was "the weirdest thing" she'd ever seen.

I was taken aback. I said, "This was something we had to do" and then stopped. I decided to let Marianne's parents think we are weird. Let's see if Heidi can change her behavior. I don't want to put any negative thoughts into Sonya's head so we just chatted pleasantly for a little while while the younger people unloaded the cars. Lord only knows what Heidi's told the parents about TB and me.

Marianne's father was arriving as Bill and I were leaving so I just shook hands with him and said hello, nice to meet you.

Over the weekend, it seems like the bottom's dropped out on me. I've been very depressed and crying. It's not just missing Heidi. I'm worried about our finances, feel like I'm trapped here in this house with the incredibly high mortgage and that we are always going to be in a hole. I worry that Bill is alone most of the time and seems to have no friends or social life. He says he likes it that way; I worry. Ted often doesn't feel well and sleeps a lot. Kristin is sort of closed to me. She doesn't confide in me except about very superficial things. Thank goodness I see my therapist tomorrow!


Astrid, Kashim and Othello... oh and Salome said...

Hugs to you Cassie! Times and Changes are hard sometimes but maybe it all will work out for the better soon! Don't stress yourself too much :) *big hugs*

Andrew said...

I want you to know I read and I think about the both of you, and the kids. I hope things take a turn for the better. Take care of yourself and know that you have fiends, albeit long distance, but friends none-the-less.

katztales said...

Hope you're feeling better now than when you wrote your post. Dreadful when everything falls on top of you like that. Like being smothered. Maybe the cats will cuddle you? It always cheers me up!

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