Friday, October 30

Feline Friday: Little Beggars II

Do you remember the little beggars from Cats on Tuesday? they are again!

Cubby: Uh-oh, dere's Mommy again!
Kosmo: Ssssssssssssssh, you dummy! You'll gib us away again!
Mouse: What's wrong wid Mommy being here?

Kosmo: Ulp! Whass he doin here?
Cubby: Uh, I tol' him 'bout Gramma Bean and the tweats. Wuz that sapoze ta be a secret?
Mouse: Ooooh, I hears hers comin!

Kosmo: Lissen up, yous! Now we godda tricks him into goin away
Cubby: OK, how?
Mouse: So how are you doon, Mommy?

Kosmo (whispers): Ok, so we godda tell 'im Gramma fed us awweady, time to go!
Cubby: T'ink he'll buy it?
Mouse: Whachoo talkin' 'bout, guys?
Munch: Oh, hai, whaddup?

Kosmo (whispers): Play dumb, dummy!
Cubby: Oh, hai, Munchie. I betcha you not here for sum snacks.
Munch: What snacks? I wuz jus here t'go to da baffwoom.
Mouse: Oooh, she's comin' to da door!

Kosmo (groans): I gives up!
Cubby: Da snacks Gramma Bean don't have.
Munch: Oh yeah? Lemme jus go by da door anyhoo!
Mouse: The door's wattlin!

Kosmo (whines)
Cubby: I'se sowwy...
Mouse: Gramma's kinda slow, huh?
Munch: Me first!

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Cindy said...

Funny and too cute pictures of the kitties,

CRIZ LAI said...

Haha.. love those little talk. Cute! Happy Halloween everyone!

P/s: I had shifted to a new place... thus had been extremely busy getting things settle for months. :P

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