Friday, November 20

GiST #8

Whew, I think I'm making it just under the midnight wire, LOL! I'm late with this tonight and up past my bedtime but it was worth it!

1. We just got back from seeing my niece perform in "Rent" at her college. She played the part of Maureen and what a talented young woman she is! What a voice! What facial expressions and emotion! The whole cast was really very good and I so enjoyed myself!

2. I did not let myself feel guilty today for anything.

3. It was sunny and dry instead of rainy as originally predicted! It made for a much easier drive this evening.

4. At one point I was feeling upset and frustrated and had to drive to take care of an urgent problem that suddenly cropped up. I turned on the car radio and ... Christmas music!!!! B101 started playing Christmas music and they'll be playing it from now through...I guess December 26? Anyway, I was so happy!

5. I am in "one-derland!" One-derland is a term used on Obesity Help to describe getting below 200 pounds--a major accomplishment for most of us! The last time I was there was 15 or so years ago. It was the last time the Weight Watchers program worked for me. Over the years, I'd be able to lose 30-50 pounds but then I'd always plateau and then begin to gain the weight (plus more) back. When I started to develop physical problems, I wasn't able to exercise and that compounded the problem. What saved me was weight loss surgery. It feels so good!

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