Monday, January 18

Ok, today bites/Mancat Monday

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday today. After posting my status at twitter--looking for the rainbow in spite of all the bad stuff going on--you'd think I'd be, right? Well...

Not me, I've got a bad case of agita. My bank positively stinks! TB and I applied in November to have our mortgage restructured...and we qualify! We filled out all the necessary paperwork and sent it back.

My day wasn't too bad until just twenty minutes ago.

Today we got a federal express delivery from Bank of America. The letter said because we didn't send two months proof of income they'd dismissed the application and we'd have to start over again.

I nearly went through the roof. TB and I have both been on social security disability for the last two years! The only verification I could give them was our award letters plus letters stating how much we'd be getting each month in 2009/2010.

Are the people in this department of the bank stupid or are they just deliberately playing games with us?

I couldn't call today because, of course, the bank is closed due to the holiday. So I've been telling myself to calm down and save my worry and aggravation for tomorrow.

Deep breathing, Cass. Deep breathing. :P

What can I do to feel better? Hmmm...maybe a little cat blogging? Who's around?

Kosmo: I yam havin a betteh day dan you, Mommy Bean, but I yam a widdle aggervatapated too!
Me: Oh no, whassamatta?

Kosmo: Weell, nuttin now but befor Daddy Bean wuz lovin me too long!

I liks lovins but I wanna go when I wanna go!

Ah well, we all have our own agita to bear, eh?

Want more cat blogging?

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!

Me: Hey, Kosmo, whassup, buddy?

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Boo-Bah said...

I'm sorry you're having a bad day. It seems any time there is a lot of paperwork involved there is always mistakes. We can't win!
I love the pictures. Maybe kosmo cat will cheer you up.


Harry Spotter said...

I know how you feel. I went through the same thing with my mortgage company. 5 months it took and then they changed the terms. So now I am trying to refinance with my bank. I will be praying for you to work yours out quickly.

Cindy said...

Banks, I think they hate us poor folks. I hope things work our for you. Cats gotta move when they wanna move.

Alasandra said...

We hope you can get the mortgage problem taking care of we are sending helpful purrs your way.

Kosmo, you are one handsome mancat. ~AFSS

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