Friday, January 22

The saga of the computer goes on/Paradise Alley

Now I'm using TB's computer, LOL. Bill offered to let me borrow his old desk top. He hasn't used it in years, not since he was at Rensselaer a couple of years ago. The problem was that something was wrong with it too--TB's not sure what. However, he was able to cannibilize enough parts from that computer and another old one in the shed (gotta love the fact that TB saves everything electronic!) to create something that would run.

Next problem, however, was that the computer didn't recognize all the parts. Right now TB is reinstalling Windows and drivers to that computer.

Meantime, I was using the family computer. It was running really slow as usual and then I began to get weird messages about the fire wall license expiring. TB had to come check it and then discovered a possible trojan. Something's going on that is running links to Google from 3 different IPs. So we had to shut that one down until TB can shift his attention there.

Go away, Murphy!!!!

I found another book I read in 2009 called Paradise Alley by Kevin Baker. I was about to leave it at a book crossing, unread because I have so many. Luckily for me, I snagged it back at the last minute and decided to read it. I say luckily because it's easily one of the best historical fictions I've ever read.

It takes place in 1862, in New York City. President Lincoln had implemented a draft because of the Civil War. However, wealthy men could buy an exemption by paying to send a poor man instead. It sparked a destructive riot that went on for three days.

The book follows three women and three men during the course of that riot. They all either live or know someone in Paradise Alley, which was a waterfront slum. The riot coincides with the arrival of one of the women's deranged lovers, Dangerous Johnny Dolan. He is one of the scariest characters I've read about.

Kevin Baker is amazing. He knows his history and provides a wealth of facts without being a bore. He knows his characters. They are all unique--different backgrounds, different thoughts and beliefs, different ways of speaking and reacting. I rarely read a book that is as totally engaging and engrossing as this one.

Leave it at a book crossing site? Sorry, no. Now I plan to keep it because I'm sure I'll always want to go back and reread it!

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Harry Spotter said...

There is quite like a good book! Have a great weekend!

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