Tuesday, April 13

Cats on Tuesday: Bed Buddies

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Munchkin: Uh oh, here comes Mommy wid dat flashy ting!

Kosmo: Don't look! Maybe her woan see us!

Munchkin: Too late!
Kosmo: Ohhhhkay, move along, show's over!

Cats can't get no rest around here!

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Sharon Wagner said...

Beware of the flashy thing at bedtime.

Boo-Bah said...

The two of them didn't look too pleased. They would rather take their naps I guess.


Cindy said...

Get used to it!!! You can't be gorgeous and expect not to have pictures taken.

Harry Spotter said...

You looked confy there until your mum came along and ruined the nap your were taking. How rude.

Au and Target said...

Hehehe, they look like bandits!


My cats love soft bed covers but they are not happy when they are underneath the blankets! :)

AL said...

That's what you think...you can't hide from Mom's flashy thingy. It will follow you everywhere MOL, trust Mom, you'll be fine.

Ginger said...

Ha! I wonder if they ALL think this about us humans

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