Monday, April 12

GiST #113

1. Our washing machine stopped working but handy TB's been troubleshooting it and may be able to fix it himself. The part might not be expensive either. Praying it's fixable and cheap!

2. The orthopedic doctor doesn't want to switch me to a med with tylenol because of my liver levels but he is very encouraged that I'm not in pain all the time. So am I!

3. I don't know what happened to my ACOA sponsor. She was having some major issues in her life that were pretty overwhelming. Now, though, there's a group of us who are going to be working on the steps together. I'm back on track!

4. It's another beautiful spring day. I am really enjoying the season this year.

5. I love impossible cheeseburger pie. It's so easy to make and so filling. It's full of protein, too--just what my body needs.

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Au and Target said...

Impossible cheeseburger pie???? Dead curious! glad you're feeling upbeat.

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