Thursday, April 22

Thursday Thirteen #61: What would you take with you?

Thursday Thirteen

I nicked this meme idea from Grandma because I liked it and I needed a topic idea!

You have to leave your home and everything in it. There will be basic furnishings, linens and food at your new place. Your family and pets can come too. After six months, you can purchase other items. But you can never go back and retrieve the things left at your home.

What could you live without for six months? How about forever?

1. Is there kitty litter, etc. for the cats? I'd have to bring the litter boxes and litter or peeee-yuuuuuu!
2. Favorite items of clothing from all seasons...maybe 3 changes of each.
3. My mp3 player
4. A bookcase full of books ... maybe that will last six months but I doubt it!
5. My prescriptions
6. OK, I can't shop for six months? I also need all my vitamins and proteins so I don't get malnourished!
7. My computer--must. have. it. Also all its programs.
8. Television
9. DVD player/recorder
10. Favorite pots, pans & utensils
11. Toiletries
12. Pens, pencils & paper
13. My camera


I am Harriet said...

It's amazing how many more things we cannot live without today than 10 or 20 years ago.

Have a great Thursday!

i beati said...

m thinking

CountryDew said...

Computers and cameras seem to be pretty essential these days.

My TT:

Spice said...

Cool list! I'd definitely want my books! My picture albums too. Happy TT! Mine's up over at

Gattina said...

I could live without MP3 player (I don't even have one) the only things which are really very important and I couldn't live without them not even a day is my computer and my camera, lol !

sherilee said...

I am sure there are many things I could do without for six months. But what I couldn't do without is probably my computer. Sad but true...

Sue said...

Last year my computer died - and I was with out one for a little over a month - that was torture!

Not sure if I could go without TV too long either - lol

Great list! Thanks for stopping by mine♥

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