Tuesday, May 11

Cats on Tuesday: Staying warm on a cold day

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The boys: It's still furry furry cold outside for May and we haf foun'da bes'test way ta keep warm!

A rocker, warm blankies, an' a buddy ta snuggle up wit'!

Brrrr! What happened to the spring and summer weather we were having?
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Sharon Wagner said...

What could be better on a rainy day than a warm blanket and a furry cat.

Andrée said...

If you find that warm weather, please send it this way! It's been snowing for goodness sakes! The cats are very, very upset about this and are sleeping under blankets! You have great pics here!


The Chair Speaks said...

Yes, that's the best way to beat a cold day!

Gattina said...

It's also cold at your place ? it's not normal for May ! Better do a sleeping marathon until the sun comes out !


Thanks for stopping by, yes I would
love to see the Big Cats in the wild
too but hopefully this zoo can make
a difference for the species. I hope
so!? Oh I agree May has been colder than April my cats are all snuggling me to keep warm! :)

Ginger said...

Ah, I love to see kitties cuddling. I don't have that often around here.

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