Thursday, May 20

GiST #133

This has turned into a really bad day and I want to try to think more positively so let me focus on the graces of the day:

1. We are getting a clearer picture of what's going on with TB's nerves. The issues he's having aren't really related to diabetes or weight loss surgery. It's most likely they've got to do with the spinal stenosis he's been struggling with. A laminectomy could help. Before he decides whether he wants that, he can try biofeedback and avoid surgery altogether. We've heard very good things about biofeedback therapy!

2. Bank of America (BOA) continues to delay and make excuses but this time I've got someone from Consumer Credit Counseling (CCC) on the phone helping me. We had a follow-up phone conference with CCC and called BOA and spent almost an hour on the phone to basically find out we won't know what's going on for another 10 days at least. This is the same stuff they've been saying for the last six weeks and they keep having to send the problem out for "escalation" which is supposed to speed things up ... but doesn't.

BOA was not able to give any kind of answer as to when we could expect to learn the name of our negotiator or when we could expect a packet of forms which is the same thing they've said to me two or three times but I didn't feel so isolated this time. The CCC counselor was hearing this and making note of it too.

3. TB has to take two medications we can't really afford but that he really needs to have a better quality of life. I ranted about it earlier here and also on the Rants & Raves board at Obesity Help. Wow! I got this outpouring of suggestions and support that really was very helpful and made me feel ... not so alone.

4. One person I barely know on that forum contacted me with an act of kindness that brought me to tears. It's a wonderful feeling to know that people who are practically strangers will reach out and help each other.

5. My brother is so tied up with working two jobs and all the running around he needs to do and so I offered to make some necessary calls--don't need to be in Maryland to pick up the phone! So two of the three things are now taken care of and I hope to get the last thing done tomorrow!

So now I don't feel so angry and bitter. That's a BIG grace in small things!

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