Thursday, May 20

I'm about to scream, wail & gnash my teeth...

...because my husband needs stuff we can't afford. Those who have great medical coverage won't get it. Those who are in the same boat as us are probably going through something like this.

TB needs Cymbalta for the pain he's in all the time. It helps him not need so much morphine and percocet. The trouble is the cost because it's a name brand and there's no generic. It's expensive now with the crummy plan we have. Once we fall into the doughnut hole it'll really become unaffordable.

It's the same thing with testosterone. TB's tired all the time and needs to boost his levels. In addition, if he doesn't have enough he could suffer bone loss. You'd think this hormone is readily available in a generic--but it's also very expensive. And we'll have the same problem when we're in the doughnut hole.

With our luck, wouldn't you know that as soon as we pulled up from the doctor's office today the frames on TB's glasses broke. Know how expensive frames and lenses are for people with heavy duty prescriptions? The eye exam is probably covered but not a dollar for the frames or lenses.

So. TB has to have the glasses. As for the prescriptions, we are left with the choice: does TB go without or do we just stop paying someone? Like ... the mortgage company? I don't know that TB will get into one of the prescription programs offered by the manufacturers because they tend to be for those unfortunates without any insurance at all. So, once again, we are left with some tough choices.

This is one reason why we needed health insurance reform ... and it probably ain't gonna happen.

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