Thursday, May 20

Thursday Thirteen #65: More favorite songs from my teenage years

Thursday Thirteen

I wanted to try and combine years when I went through picking my favorite songs but I was just finding too many and this is just too much fun for me.

1. "Here Comes The Judge" by Shorty Long, originally recorded by Pigmeat Markham. This is the song related to the Laugh-In "Here Comes The Judge" skit. It's a hilarious song, especially for a kid.

2-3. "White Room" & "Sunshine of Your Love" by Cream--I loved Cream during this time period!

4. "The Unicorn" by the Irish Rovers--this is another appealling song to the kid that was me, whimsical and fantastical.

5. "Sky Pilot" by Eric Burdon & The Animals--I always thought of WWII pilots when I'd hear this song, not sure why. It's actually about chaplains and was released at the height of the war in Viet Nam.

6. "Delilah" by Tom Jones--what a soulful voice! I had such a crush on that voice!

7. "MacArthur Park" by Richard Harris--For some reason, this was one of my favorite songs ever. It doesn't even make sense and Harris didn't have an especially wonderful voice. Still ...

8. "Classical Gas" by Mason Williams--love that classical guitar acoustic music! I used to fantasize I'd be able to play the piece on my guitar.

9. "Fire" by Crazy World of Arthur Brown--what a crazy song! Still, I loved it.

10. "Those Were The Days" by Mary Hopkin--My dad wanted the words to this song too. I loved it because it felt so sad to me in the end. And you know what, now that I'm in my 50s, the lyrics sure ring true!

11. "Love is Blue" by Paul Mauriat--another one of those instrumentals I just fell in love with.

12. "Reach Out Of The Darkness" by Friend & Company--I couldn't help but like this song. It's very upbeat and not always the way I felt but the lyrics were hopeful and that appealed to me!

13. "Hey Jude" by the Beatles--I remember when this song came out. I didn't realize it was written for or about John Lennon's son. It appealed to me because they seemed to be comforting words and I needed a lot of that kind of message when I was a teenager!


I am Harriet said...

Wonderful list. Brought back some memories!

Enjoy your Thursday!

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my gosh....I haven't heard Classical Gas in AGES!!!

My 13 is TV flashback, with Paul Lynde. Comedy responses HERE

Do hope you can find time to stop by for a visit.

CountryDew said...

Oh, I Classical Gas! I did learn to play bits and pieces of it on my guitar but never the whole thing, and certainly not with any expertise. Thanks for reminding me of that great piece!

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