Monday, July 5

GiST 145, Man Cat Monday and Other Memes

Grace in Small Things #145

1. Last night, I enjoyed a 20 minute fireworks display from my front yard courtesy of neighbors who bought large beautiful things to shoot off. I don't think any of it was legal but it sure was entertaining!

2. I love watching movies with my kids. Last night we watched Independence Day. On Friday, it was 1776.

3. I finished Rhett Butler's People and blogged about it. I wasn't thrilled with it so it's a real grace that I finished it!

4. I'm making dinner this morning so the house doesn't get all heated up.

5. It's supposed to be very hot all week so the air conditioning probably shouldn't count as a small grace. Here it is, though.

Man Cat Monday


I took this picture of TB when we went to the beach at Seaside Heights last month. The sun's reflected in the waves. ;)

One recent, beautiful day we had the windows open and TB caught Cubby inside looking out at us!

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Monday Movie Meme

This week's movie topic is all about Special Effects...Share on your blog SFX films that blew you away, linking back here at The Bumbles.

The Bumbles mentioned a lot of the movies that would come to my mind. I thought of these:

Who Framed Roger Rabbit which was a totally awesome combination of animation and real life.

War of the Worlds--when that bridge crumbled, I was totally hooked on the movies' special effects. I was riveted to my seat most of the movie, actually.

King Kong--both the original and the remake. The original looks really cheesy now but back then, those were pretty awesome effects.

Moody Monday

Theme: Sun, sea and sand


Lindsey said...

War of the Worlds has great special effects, and I picked Who Framed Roger Rabbit too for the exact same reasons :)

The Bumbles said...

Oh totally - A/C is a small grace. It is a mammoth grace actually. I would be miserable without it this entire weekend. Though the beach is a good alternative!

I almost included Roger Rabbit but didn't want to hog everything!! King Kong was really impressive for its time. So I think including the original is a great choice.

Cindy said...

Great job on the movies! Love the pics, Cubby looks so sweet in the window.

Harry Spotter said...

AC is a big grace for us right now. The heat and humidity is aweful. Looks like you had lots of funa t the beach.

Lindsey said...

War of the Worlds...great choice.

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