Monday, July 12

GiST 146, Mancat Monday, and Moody Monday

Kristin had surgery on her knee to try and repair a torn miniscus. Since then, I've been sticking close to her so really haven't done very much about updating. I'll try to be better this week! Because of her age and the location of the tear, the surgeon couldn't repair the injury. He trimmed it out and she'll have a quicker recovery as a result. She should do a lot better with this fix and hopefully will begin to get back to normal soon. She's still in a great deal of discomfort right now but I think that's about to be expected. She sees the surgeon on Wednesday.

Grace in Small Things #146

I've really been slacking in the GiST department!

1. I made applesauce pancakes for everyone this morning. What a treat!
2. Kristin can put more weight on her knee and that weird splint is off.
3. Instant coffee in the afternoon can be just as satisfying as brewed ... yes, it can. Really. Especially when making the best of things.
4. A much needed two hour nap was very refreshing.
5. A book I'd requested from the library for a book club challenge finally came in and I can start it!

Man Cat Monday: Kosmo

Zzzzzzzzz....It's been a long time since Kosmo napped on my desk!
Kosmo: What? Dat fwashy ting again! Maybe dat's why! Go way!

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Manic Monday

Name 5 of the simple pleasures in your life:

Talking to TB
Watching movies with the kids or TB
Petting a cat
Walking (in nature)

What do you like to do on a rainy day? Read, watch movies, and nap!

I deserve a vacation!


Au and Target said...

Kosmo looks super comfy!

AFSS said...

Kosmo is so cute.

Nessa said...

I'd like to nap like that kitty.

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