Wednesday, August 4

Potential, kick-start 1

I've gotten so lazy about blogging and writing, period. I found some websites that provide prompts and thought I'd give some of them a try to try and get myself started again. I'll be taking creative writing this fall and that will also force me to write--there's no way I want to fail a class!

Do you believe in your own potential? What does that prospect inspire?

I wish I could answer without a doubt that yes! I believe in my own potential. The truth is, though, if I really believed in myself, wouldn't I commit to writing my stories and blogs? Wouldn't I find the motivation to follow through with something even if my creative juices weren't flowing so well on a given day?

I have so many ideas and then get bogged down either in details or in the belief that what I write isn't "good" or original ... so why bother?

I'm my own worst enemy.

Now, on the other hand, if I truly believed in my potential, I'm sure I'd have to force myself to get away from the computer to eat or spend time with the family. I might have five different ideas going at once but I'd be able to track them and would probably concentrate heavily on one or the other. I'd finish projects. Shoot, maybe I'd even get them published.

I need to get me some more affirmations to work on. I want to believe in myself because deep down, I know I could write a good story. If I can stick to this and get into the habit of writing something every day, it'll go far to helping me see my potential.

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