Tuesday, May 31

Cats on Tuesday: Cubby's Fave Napping Spot

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Cubby sez, These pikturs were acktually taken in winter, at the beginning of Mom Bean's semester. This here is my favrit place to perch ... and nap. How can I nap on someping so narrow? Watch me!


I tried to get as close a shot of Cubby as I could without waking him. He was so adorable with the back half of him on our bed frame and the front half dangling off! He wouldn't have fallen far if he'd dropped off though. The frame was pushed up right against the wall and his front self was dangling almost onto the window sill!

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Photo Cache said...

what a funny way you take your naps.

Emma & Buster

Gattina said...

Cats take sometimes quiet strange positions to sleep. Arthur sometimes uses half table half sofa !

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