Wednesday, October 19

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Today TB is having hernia surgery. He's not allowed to eat or drink anything, not since midnight last night, and so he's pretty out of it. Originally we were supposed to go to the hospital at 9. TB was supposed to see his orthopedic doctor and had to cancel that appointment. Then around 7:30 the hospital called and changed the admission time to 11. It was really annoying because TB needed a refill of his pain medications.

It's so hard to watch him suffer. I'm helpless because there's nothing I can do. His tooth is especially causing a lot of agony and he'll chew a percocet and put it into the broken area. Sometimes that helps relieve the pain but not always. Then there is the chronic pain he has from busting his hump for an ungrateful employer all those years. think you're doing the right thing by working hard but then you learn quick what a mistake it was when you get kicked to the curb after becoming disabled. I wish surgery would help the pain in TB's back but the doctors say it won't.

I think Occupy Philadelphia at least is becoming more organized and trying to set goals. I gave feedback about which issues I felt were most important and what I thought protestors ought to do about it. I hope they hear back from a lot of people. I really want to see this movement take off. One thing I would like to see is lobbying for healthcare for everyone. Poor people should be able to buy into a policy they can afford. I'd also like to see that fair trade act repealed--the one that gives credits to businesses allowing them to outsource. Even if we can't bring back the jobs already lost, let's save future jobs from going overseas. I've heard about another company laying off all their workers and setting up in the far East.

I heard the tail end of a story about a possible COLA for social security recipients--the first one in years--of about 3%. For a person now receiving about $1,000 a month it would mean an extra $30. Wow! With it, I can order a monthly supply of the bariatric vitamins TB and I need. Or we could get one half tank of gas. Something is better than nothing, which is what we've been having.

Speaking of bariatric surgery, TB and I had our annual visits with the surgeon and we're both doing great! I've lost 87% of my excess weight and TB 76%. My calcium was a little low so my PTH (thyroid) level was high. I need to take more calcium, no biggie. We both were low on Vitamin D so we need to boost the levels we take. No biggie, just means the vitamins will be a little more expensive.

Kristin decided to carry a double major. She met with an advisor to talk about what she needs to take to fulfill all the requirements. Kristin already had a schedule for herself mapped out for the near future and had questions written down so she wouldn't forget what to ask. I was really impressed with her organization!

Munchkin may be a bit of a bully but we still love her. One of the things I love most is when I nap or sleep. She will go under the covers and snuggle with me. I fall asleep stroking her fur. It's very soothing. The cats like to hang out on our bed. Many times we have five of them lounging around and it seems to be the one time they all get along!

Time to get ready to go to the hospital!

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