Sunday, January 8

GiST #7 & #8

I've been doing so much running around I haven't had much time for anything, including going on Facebook or Blogger. When I get home, I want to crash because I'm so tired and when I get up it's time to run again. But I didn't want to skip GiST two days in a row or I'd forget about it again!

Grace In Small Things 7 & 8

1. What a beautiful day yesterday! It's just about unheard of to have 65 degrees on a day in January.

2. It made for perfect walking weather with Little T. He likes to stop and look at the various streams that run through the woods all the way to the Rancocas Creek or to Smithville Lake.

3. It's not as warm today but it's still very nice! This is more October weather than January!

4. We had enough $ to get everything we needed from Shoprite and Walmart. Sometimes we have to cut back and not get things but today we were able to get it all, including healthy fresh produce and snacks for the kids trying to lose weight.

5. Today I found a new recipe for pork loin chops and am looking forward to trying it.

That's all I can think of for now and I need to take Kristin to work, pick Heidi up from the bus stop!

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